Attend a Esthetics School to Learn About Skin Care

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Attend a Esthetics School to Learn About Skin Care

A career in the beauty industry begins in cosmetology school. Cosmetology schools teach students how to succeed in the world of beauty. Cosmetology schools teach students a variety of skills. Students learn about beauty, how to apply makeup, learn new hairstyles, cut hair, learn to do nails, and more.

Cosmetology schools are not the only places to learn, students may enroll in an esthetics school. However, these schools aim to prepare students specifically for licensure to become a licensed esthetician. In this school students learn about skin care. Classes are aimed to teach students the knowledge to become licensed skin therapists. Programs teach aromatherapy, pore cleansing, international skin treatments, skin analysis, makeup techniques, prescriptive retailing, and ingredient technology.

There are several factors to consider when choosing which esthetics school to attend. Programs should include a well-rounded curriculum. There should be different classes offered to foster a deep understanding of how to care for the skin. The knowledge is necessary to not only pass the state board exam, but to become a professional esthetician. Schools for esthetics should offer students hands on training with the ability to work with clients. This is the only way to gain exposure and experience.

In a world in which the economy may not always be stable, a career in cosmetology will always be in demand. Clients will always need their hair and makeup done. Careers as professional esthetics allow for job flexibility either through self-employment or part time work. Clients form relationships that go beyond work hours. There are opportunities to grow by advancing in personal care services by continuing to take courses. It is projected there will be a 25% increase in careers for esthetics. Esthetics can expect to become skin care specialists, medical estheticians, medical spa managers, cosmeticians, esthetics instructors, and hair removal specialists. Licensed estheticians are not limited to just one career option. That is the beauty of this profession.

The Academy of Hair Design prepares students through their esthetics course. The course consists of learning how to do spa and machine facials, manual Microdermabrasion, body wraps and polishes, peels, facial waxing, body waxing, relaxation massages and reflexology. In addition, students learn about hygiene, how to apply makeup, and learn the state required procedures and skills to succeed professionally. This course requires 750 hours to become an expert in skin care. Most states require a minimum of 600 hours. The Academy of Hair Design distinguishes itself from other schools, because the focus is how to succeed in esthetics. Students do not just learn how to pass the state exam. Students leave the program with personal development, technical, and business skills. Students are exposed to hands-on-training to put into practice what they have learned.

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