Creating A Home As Fashionable As You

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Creating A Home As Fashionable As You

yellow-bedNew residential housing is a great way to have future homeowners express themselves and what they want in a home.  The most fashionable of all homes in current trends are smaller and as energy efficient as possible.  People know that the resources on this planet are finite and as more people are born than die, it is our duty to make sure that everyone has enough.  No longer can we count on the abundance of the past to keep people far above others insulated from the tragedy that is want.

To create a fashionable home, it is important to look at the inside as well as the outside.  All materials used should be prioritized by four categories: where it was made, what it is made of, how it will help conserve and how long it will last.

Locally made goods are the best ones to buy.  They support the local economy, and they keep money in the same neighborhood and community where the house is located.  They also don’t have as far to travel, so the carbon footprint of the product is lower.  That ensures no negation of possible energy gains from a product that is shipped in from far away.  If local products are not available, those that are made closest to the location of the home are the best ones to choose.

Materials that are made of recycled post-consumer product are the best materials to use with all else being equal.  Some new types of boards are made of post-consumer recycled materials as well as are some types of insulation.  If post-consumer recycled products are not available, then plain recycled products are better than new products.  Go for natural rather than synthetic – wood over plastic, for example.  Anything that must outgas is problematic at best.

Some synthetic materials may be better at insulating than natural ones.  Having a home that requires very little energy to maintain the heat in the winter and the coolness in the summer is important, so some compromises may have to be made in order to achieve maximum efficiency.  So if the synthetic insulation is rated higher as far as creating a house that conserves energy, the homeowner may choose to go with it instead.

All the materials in a new residential home should last for a very long time.  Roofs should last longer than ten years as should everything else.  With proper maintenance, a house should be able to last for the life of the homeowner.  The less that has to be replaced over the life of the home means that there will be fewer resources consumed in the maintenance of the home, and that is as fashionable as a home can get.

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