Cute Clothes for LDS Missionaries

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Cute Clothes for LDS Missionaries

LDS sister missionaries can wear cute, stylish clothes as long as they are professional and conservative in their design. There are lots of different brands of modest, conservative clothing that look cute and are appropriate for sister missionaries. Missionaries are ambassadors for the Lord and should strive to appear that way to the public.

People look at the LDS missionaries as examples so their attire should be appropriate. It is important to focus on appearing as a role model for the LDS church and convey respect in their beliefs by wearing modest clothes. Modest, conservative clothes are often stylish and portray a businesslike, or professional image. Think about the type of outfit you would wear to a job interview for an idea of how to dress.

There are many types of cute blouses that can be worn by LDS missionaries that are appropriate. A blouse can be any color as long as the pattern doesn’t draw unwanted attention to any specific body parts. It is important not to dress too skimpy in climates that are hot and muggy. Shirts should cover the entire upper arm, meaning no capped sleeved shirts. Bra straps shouldn’t be visible, so choosing a proper neckline is important as well.

LDS sister missionaries are not allowed to wear pants or pantsuits. Skirts and dresses are the proper attire and can be any cute pattern or color as long as they are modest and and don’t draw attention to specific body parts. Skirts should always be below the knee, covering it entirely while both sitting and standing. Skirts are allowed to have slits as long as they don’t come above the knee. There are plenty of options allowed as far as colors and patterns. The skirt shouldn’t be too tight or too loose on the missionary and should have a tailored fit.

LDS sister missionaries do a lot of walking so flats or short pumps are recommended for proper footwear. Flip flops, open-toe, open-heel, or sandals are not appropriate for safety reasons and because they do not convey professionalism. A pair of black ballerina slippers would be an appropriate choice for footwear. Conservative colored stockings are preferred. Conservative in color means nude, black, navy etc. Faddish, trendy stockings are not appropriate.

There are a variety of great places to findĀ LDS Sister Missionary Clothing online and in stores.

Purses can be carried as an accessory but should have a shoulder strap, and be modestly designed. Backpacks are not appropriate for LDS sister missionaries because they lack the professional element. A good example of the proper type of bag or purse is a messenger bag or satchel. Modest, conservative jewelry is allowed as long as it is in good taste.

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