Decorating Your Home In Fashion

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Decorating Your Home In Fashion

The only way a house is made a home is through the personal touch of the homeowner with fashionable decor that leads in the latest trends. By incorporating modern aspects and personal taste, it can make for a cozy environment that both is chic and beautiful.

Add Bold Rugs

Forget taupe shag rugs that were a big hit in the early 2000s and opt for bold prints that stand out and are statement pieces throughout the home. Wood or tiled floors can feel bare and cold without adding beautiful rugs throughout the home, making for cozier hallways and inviting entryways. It will also help to insulate the home in the colder seasons.

Make Use of Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors not only enlarge the interior of your home, but work as useful wall art that is trendy and decorates the area to create a more spacious environment. Purchase mirrors that have unique shapes, intriguing designs, and chunky frames for interesting details in the home. You can also group different mirrors together for an eclectic and vintage touch. Add Asian elements from Chinese Arts Inc for pieces that will add a worldly aspect to the house.

Use Lucite Trays

Lucite trays are commonplace for coffee tables and bars, used to group like items and keep nicknack contained. Use a clear lucite tray for the coffee table and stack a pair of magazines inside. Try using a candle, coasters, or a framed photo for a tidy, but trendy space.

For the bar, lucite trays have recently been used in homes for the extra cocktail garnishes that include a jar of olives, citrus, limes, and maraschino cherries. A stack of napkins and straws can also be used for the tray.


Makeover the beds in your home with oversized headboards that work to enhance the look and scale of the bed. Choose different styles for different rooms from Chinese Arts Inc with dark shades for a masculine look and a wingback style for the master bedroom. Don’t be afraid to use them on twin sized beds in the guestroom.

Children’s beds can even have miniature sizes of headboards with shades that include light pink or yellow to create a focal point in the room.

Restain Old Furniture

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on brand new furniture, upgrade your antiques by restaining the wood or repainting it. Although it often takes several days to complete the project, it will allow your old nightstands or dining table to look new again and can last for several more decades without being thrown out. After repainting the items, they can even be lightly sanded down again to create a rustic or vintage look.

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