Engagement Pictures: What to wear?

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Engagement Pictures: What to wear?

WHAT ARE YOU AND YOUR FIANCE SUPPOSED TO WEAR TO YOUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION?? This is an important question that I had to ask and answer for myself a while ago. A tad stressful. Until I remembered that I had saved a collection of pictures on my computer that I thought were beautiful engagement photos. (This is something I started in high school and have added to over the years). Now my collection  of attractive couple pictures has expanded and is stored on my personal Pinterest account. Take a look if you’d like!

When it comes to what to wear for your engagement pictures, the options are too vast to list. The DON’T wear list is rather short. Let’s talk about it and I will provide a few suggestions on how to avoid the common downfalls. (I would add accompanying photos to each do not do rule but I would feel too rude. The people in the picture obviously put it online because they are proud of it. Everyone has a different opinion.)

1. Don’t be match happy. Coordinated outfits can look great, but there is a fine line between coordinated outfits and matching outfits. Coordinated clothing can help create a specific feel for a photograph. Matching outfits qualifies you to be submitted to Awkward Family Photos, engagement edition. Try to wear colors that fall in the same family and use different patterns or textures to individually represent the colors you picked out.

Engagement Photo

2. Act Natural. Honestly, think of the most awkward engagement picture you have seen. I would bet the awkwardness stems from either a couple posing stiffly in the position the photographer requested or they are trying way too hard to recreate a catalogue type photo. My best advice to achieve looking natural in a photograph is to TAKE PICTURES OFTEN!! Photogenic people are not always born photogenic. It is a talent that can be developed. Every time you have an opportunity to be in a picture, practice! Once you are more comfortable in front of a camera, try recreating one of your favorite pictures!

engagement photo

3. Be Yourself! Pick outfits and a location that fit with you and your fiance’s personal style. Lucas (my fiance) and myself love dressing up and take any opportunity we can to formalize a casual outfit. As you can see in these pictures, we generally wear warm or neutral colors. Wearing an outfit you feel attractive in also helps the pictures look more natural because you aren’t trying to be someone other than yourself.

Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

Thank you to Ben Eads who took all of these photos!!

Engagement Photos

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