Feather Boas: Not Just for Halloween

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Feather Boas: Not Just for Halloween

Feathers are IN. As you prepare for your social outings in this still a bit chilly season, whether it is that non-profit gala, a night out with the girls, or gearing your daughter up for the prom, a feather boa is just the right touch to stylize your look. Boas these days aren’t just to recreate a look from the 1920s or a Marilyn style. Instead, they come in multitudes of colors to offset your look or get the exact match to your favorite color outfit. Because of their length, they work with a mini, cocktail, or ankle-length dress, because you may choose to double it around your neck or let it flow. And, just as easily, you may choose to pair the tender wisps with a tank and jeans. The combination of glam and jeans has really come out, but this season, especially with feathers.

While you stare blankly at your tired closet, forget that old cardigan just doesn’t fit over your swanky gear. Leave that winter jacket in the front hall, as it will only make you feel heavy and weighted. No one wants to add those extra pounds. This spring you should consider a glammed up look. Don’t you want to feel good when you enter a room, but also the texture of your look? You know you want to swagger into any event with style by modesty. If you are self conscious of your bare arms, shoulders, or chest, the feather boa allows you to move it around at your pleasure. Feel free to look great at book club or have the perfect accessory to change up that old cocktail dress. And, seriously, who doesn’t need to modify that tired LBD?

Who can resist what’s hiding behind those blowing whisking feathers? Often, a wrap might make you feel uncomfortable as to when to take it off or put it back on. A delicate drag of a boa allows you to let it slide, as it is ready. And just as easily, you may choose to slide it back on and even wrap it double.

It is a true must, and it will ward off the chill of a late night damp air when you take that special stroll hand-in-hand. Feather boas are gentle and make you feel luxurious and indulgent, and when it whispers across the arm of that special someone, he will feel sensual too. Feathers are notorious for their velvety unyielding. Let yourself feel a little bit of classic Marilyn in this century wearing a feather boa to any event you attend this spring.

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