Get a Great Shave Every Time

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Get a Great Shave Every Time

Many men have never learned how to properly shave.  They may have taught themselves how to shave when a teenager, but they may never have learned the proper techniques. Or, they may have only learned how to shave with an electric razor.  Some men may think that shaving isn’t too complex or that there’s nothing to it.  But, others may think that it is really hard to get a good clean shave every time.

There is an art to shaving.  Many men do not know all of the details that should go into having a great shave.  Most men have never even done a traditional wet shave.  They may only do a dry shave with an electric razor.  But, one of the best ways to get a great shave every time is to do a wet shave.

The best way to start your wet shave would be to wet your face with hot water.  Using hot water is key.  The top temperature will help to open the hair pores on the face and soften the beard, allowing the razor to get a closer and a smoother shave.

While the face is still wet, it is recommended to use a pre-shave lotion or gel.  This will help to moisten the face and keep it softer longer.  After the pre-shave gel is applied you should lather up your face with shaving cream.  The best way to lather would be to use a shaving brush.  A shaving brush will spread the cream even.  There are many different types of shaving cream, and most all of them work very similarly.  As long as you have your face lathered, then you should be okay.

After the shaving cream has been applied, you need to begin using the razor.  The key to shaving is the razor.  This will make all the difference in how well of a shave you get.  The better, higher quality razor you use, the better the shave you will get.  It is recommended to use a double edge razor.  There are some great double edge razors that will last a long time and will give you a smooth, clean shave.

Another razor to use can be a straight razor.  This is more like a traditional shave in a barbershop.  Straight razor shaving can be a little dangerous, as you are more likely to cut yourself.  But, it will give you the closest shave possible.  This razor takes some technique and a little bit of practice to use, but the results are great.

Using after-shave lotion will help to keep the skin looking nice and healthy.  It will help you avoid irritation and razor burn.  Following these steps will help you get a great shave every time you shave.

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