Getting Ready For A Date

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Getting Ready For A Date

Turn to your trusty Silvertip Badger Brush to prepare all of the way for your next big date. When you take the time to look and smell your best, you have nothing to worry about or distract you from your love interest. This makes for a much better time.

You have probably been with those girls that are always fidgeting with some item of clothing. Maybe their skirt is too short for comfort, and so they keep pulling it down. Or maybe they didn’t have time to do their hair, and so they keep fixing it in the mirror. While this can be distracting, it is also rude. So play it safe by making the proper preparations.

Dress For Comfort And Fashion

When deciding what to wear, first base it on the activity at hand. If you’re going to go rock climbing it is certainly okay to wear shorts and an old shirt. If you’re going skiing, she will care more about you both staying warm than about your socks not matching. And if you’re going out to a nice restaurant, the suit must come out. Though it might seem obvious, some people tend to have a problem with this. Keep your date in the loop so that she is dressed appropriately too. Otherwise, you might end up with two mad people who don’t go anywhere. Pick something that is both comfortable and stylish. Now is not the time to go over the top and be something you’re not.

Feel Great

For smooth skin good for romance, use a Silvertip Badger Brush. This, paired with pre shave oil, will give you the closest shave of your life. Start with some hot water, and then a little bit of oil applied by hands. Then lather on the cream with a brush. Find one with the right consistency between hard and soft. The stiffness will lift the hairs to get the right cut and the silkiness will lather up the cream nicely.

Prepare For Any Action

If you are hoping to sit close together or do a little smooching, you had better prepare for such. Remember that a little bit of cologne goes a long way. One well-placed squirt is certainly enough. Use real deodorant rather than that Axe deodorizing spray that teenagers seem to deem enough. It is not the same thing. And avoid foods that stay on the breath, like onions and garlic or ethnic foods. Cooking with grease can foul up your attire as well, so be careful of your daily activities for your night ones.

Use a Silvertip Badger Brush and minimal cologne for your night on the town. Do your part to stand out as the best date she has ever had.

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