How to and How NOT to Rock Velvet Leggings

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How to and How NOT to Rock Velvet Leggings

I am in love. With VELVET LEGGINGS. Honestly, I use to be the kind of person who laughed at girls wearing leggings as pants and then I, too, gave in.  My first pair of leggings I bought to wear to yoga classes. Then I found myself lingering in my yoga clothes far longer than necessary. Then one day I decided to swallow my pride and rock the world’s most comfortable leg wear! LEGGINGS! I’m a fan. Big time.

Generally I don’t shop at Aeropostale but I walked by one in a mall and saw a 70% off sign. So… I had to walk in. Of all the gems possible, I found velvet leggings for $2.99. VELVET LEGGINGS!! I dare say this was my best $2.99 purchase. Ever.

Blazer: Gap

Blazer: Gap

Boots: Steve by Steve Madden - Velvet Leggings: Aeropostale - Cardigan: Down East Basics

Boots: Steve by Steve Madden – Velvet Leggings: Aeropostale – Cardigan: Down East Basics

Velvet leggings, and leggings in general can either look really good or really bad. I’ll let you decide if I can pull them off or not, but I always choose to couple leggings with an oversized sweater or a long fitted knit top and a jacket.

Pictured here is what I wore to the office today. (casual friday!)


I have 2 pieces of advice on how to avoid a legging outfit disasters.

1. Always pair your leggings with a long top. Preferable one that covers your bum or close. I say this because it isn’t appropriate to walk around with skin tight, thin material displaying every inch of your rear end. At the gym, this isn’t as big of a deal. Any other situation calls for more clothing coverage as to provide passer-bys the pleasure of imagining what your bum looks like instead of showing it to any and everyone.

2. Avoid bright colored leggings. Actually, avoid almost every color except black, dark blue and charcoal. This advice stems from the fact that black and other dark colors are flattering to the body. All body types look slimmer in dark colors, especially with tight fitting clothing articles. Bright colored leggings are never a good idea unless you are attending an 80′s retro dance party.


Steve Madden Boots and leggings

Thanks for stopping by! If you find some velvet leggings, especially for a good deal, GET THEM! I highly reccommend them. Have a beautiful weekend!!

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