How To Have Your Bathroom Set Up For Your Daily Routine

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How To Have Your Bathroom Set Up For Your Daily Routine

bathroom-organization-ideasHave you ever thought about howyour bathroom set up can help you look your best? You probably have your own routine in the morning by now. Your whole life you have done trial and error to find out what works for you. Some people like to shower in the morning, and some like to shower at night.

Your set-up and schedule in the bathroom can really make a difference in how easy it is to get ready each day. It can slow you down and stress you out, making you late sometimes. Or it can speed you up and give you a great start to your day only to be compared to breakfast. Here are some tips on bathroom scheduling to try now.


It is best to start by cleaning yourself. When you shower and shave first, you begin with a fresh, clean palette that is easier and better to work with. Then you can build up with hair accessories, makeup and clothing. During the night, oils build up in your face. As you toss and turn, you may sweat, causing clog-up in your pores. So clean them out and get them ready for a new day. Brush and rinse along with this step to save time. And, of course, be sure to turn off the water between uses to save money and resources.


Start with a good base of lotion or primer. You should always wear something with UV protection on your face to prevent skin cancer and dark spots. Do not tan your face with the rest of your body, and instead use makeup to match skin tones. Dark spots and wrinkles, as well as discolorations and freckles come with sunlight.

Next, cover up that lotion or primer with a layer of makeup that will actually keep out the dirt. It has been found that this can keep the skin clean and fresh. Use strips that pick up oils throughout the day if you have extra oily skin. Then apply your eye, cheek, and lip makeup. Wait for breakfast to do the lips. Some people like to eat while going though their bathroom routine. This can save time, and is a great step to do while styling your hair.


Now that your hair is dry, you may style your hair however you please. Just make sure to apply a hair protector if you will be using heat on it. Many oils and sprays have been designed for this purpose. Find one that works for you and does not weigh down or grease up your hair.

Keep your bathroom in good repair with Dallas Plumbing Repair so that you never have to worry about problems before work or school. These tips can save you time and stress to help you have a better day.

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