Knocking His Socks Off

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Knocking His Socks Off

cute-girlThe man you’re interested in asks you out and you say yes (or you ask him out and he says yes).  The next decision to make is what to wear on the first date.  The stress of making a first impression is getting to you.  Try not to screw it up by following some guidelines.

Think about the time and place.  If it’s at a coffee shop during the day a person should dress differently than a restaurant at night.  Think about what you would normally wear for the occasion and trust your gut.  When picking out clothes pick some outfits that will show off a person’s feminine side.  Remain classy and flirty without showing off the assets.  Sexy and chic should only be taken with a grain of salt; too much will give the man a false first impression of you.  Complete the look with a bold statement.  The item of choice should be something unique and stands out enough to use as a great conversation piece.  Wear a cocktail ring, big pendant, or a glossy handbag for example.

Get a manicure and (if a person is wearing sandals) a pedicure.  Looks matter and details like that can make or break a date.  Don’t overdo it and look like a beauty queen, however.  Amp up the confidence but don’t act arrogant or ‘above it all.’  Carry the conversation if he runs out of things to say but don’t be a blabbermouth.  Have eye contact; laugh at his corny jokes, smile and listen.

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