Michael Kors Wedges

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Michael Kors Wedges

As an avid shoe lover, it didn’t take me very long to recognize that I chose an expensive passion to pursue. But it doesn’t have to be expensive! In junior high and high school I started shoe shopping at two cheap places that have held my heart ever since: thrifts stores of every kind and Ross.

Here in Utah, there are a handful of thrift stores to browse. I have found the most success at Saver’s, specifically the one located on State Street in Orem. Last summer I found these Michael Kors wedges, in my size, for 6 dollars. So…. Don’t mind if I do! They are in pretty good shape, easy to walk in and wonderfully tall! In my book, the taller the shoe, the better.

Also, I’m wearing my favorite skinny jeans again. I told you it would happen. I’m addicted. Guilty.

Michael Kors Wedges

Shoes: Thrifted (Michael Kors), Jeans: Guess, Shirt: Target, Scarf & Glasses: I can’t remember…

Michael Kors Wedge

Thrift stores are great because there are always treasures to find if you keep your eyes open. Due to Ross and countless thrift stores, I have a fairly large shoe collection. If not for them I wouldn’t be able to afford this habit.

P.S. Don’t mind my ghostly white feet that haven’t seen the sun in ages.

┬áThis gal needs a tan somethin’ fierce. Any advice?

Along with the sunshine came wind today. This is what it feels like to be outside right now..

IMG_3263 Michael Kors Wedge

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