Onesies: Five Amazing Onesies Suitable for Girls of All Ages

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Onesies: Five Amazing Onesies Suitable for Girls of All Ages

Playing make believe is one of the best parts of being a child – but who says kids should have all the fun? Grab one of these cute kugis for your next costume party, theme event or even just for a fun day around the house. These creative onesies are perfect for just about any occasion.

Elephant Onesie

Let’s all talk about the elephant in the room – it’s you! This adorable elephant onesie features pink floppy ears (perfect for flying) and a little wiggly tail, as well as a dainty trunk that might scoop up peanuts to eat… with the right technique, of course! Get ready to stomp out your competition down at the waterhole, or prance around as the elegant elephant you are.

Hello Kitty Onesie

Well Hello, Kitty! Everyone’s favourite feline friend is back and she’s bigger and better than ever before. This big beautiful onesie comes in luscious pink and white fleece and not only features Hello Kitty’s iconic face and bow, but also a little Japanese bobtail to match. Practice your purr-fect meow and get ready for a snuggle in this warm and cosy kugi.

Lion Onesie

Look out world, it’s the King of the Jungle! With ferocious teeth and a big brown mane, this lion onesie may sound menacing, but it’s really a big, soft and cuddly pussycat. Still, it’s a good excuse to practice your roar! With its cute creamy belly and long two-tone tail, the other cats will have trouble keeping their paws off you. If you just can’t wait to be king (or queen), don this lion onesie and become the ruler of the animal kingdom.

Pikachu Onesie

You don’t have to catch ‘em all, but one look at this cute Pikachu onesie and you’ll be saying, “I choose you!”
Made from soft yellow fleece and featuring Pikachu’s adorable face and floppy ears, you’ll have all you need to pull off the perfect Pikachu at your next theme party. Just make sure you learn how to squeak out a “Pika!” when people least expect it.

Unicorn Onesie

Who can resist the opportunity to dress as the most revered animal of them all in this gorgeous unicorn onesie? The wonder of this incredible creature comes to life in this costume – check out its tiny blue ears and majestic white and silver horn. But better yet, turn this unicorn around to reveal its biggest secret – it’s also a Pegasus! Flap your wings and enchant your forest friends – you will be the talk of the animal kingdom for days. For all you pink lovers out there: this onesie is also available in your favourite colour.

Whether you fancy yourself as a roaring lion or a purring kitty, an exquisite elephant or an unreal unicorn, there really is a onesie for everyone. Onesies are perfect for girls of all ages, so grab one for your next themed party, or simply snuggle up at home in the cutest costume ever!

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