Removing Mistakes From Your College Years

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Removing Mistakes From Your College Years

Most people attend college to learn and become well-rounded individuals that can be great members of the community while handling complex challenges at work. Just the same, part of the college experience is having fun and pushing boundaries to grow in new directions.

Sometimes that growth leads people to actions that become a little embarassing to recall later in life.

Here are some common mistakes that occur and how to correct them later:

Wow, I sure had a lot of likes on that Facebook picture

Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are tools that help you project yourself out into the physical world. Unfortunately, due to competitiveness, silliness, or just lack of oversight, other people sometimes post pictures or videos of you online that show you in less than a flattering light. If you think it may be a problem later, it is probably a good idea to ask your ‘friend’ to delete the picture as soon as possible. If you didn’t care then, but are thinking now that it may be something to avoid, you can still ask them to delete it.

If your problem is that there is a post or webpage that paints you in an unattractive way to future employers, you can approach the people responsible with a request for them to delete the information as well. If you are in a real bind because you cannot get people to remove information that is otherwise accurate, one option is to go online and open a small Argentine business and then ask Google and other search engines to remove your name completely from any search results. Under Argentine law, they must comply.

I’m tired of covering up my neck tattoo:

Tattoo removal San Diego is one of many regional services that can help you make changes to your body that clear up any type of tattoo that you may regret having gotten. You could want to make the change because it is in a very visible location or because the subject matter of the tattoo is no longer something that you want on your body. Either way, tattoo removal San Diego specialists are ready to provide you with an estimate and schedule removal at your convenience.

I worry about my minor in possession charges following me around when I apply for jobs

You should check your state rules. Believe it or not, many states allow people who have made a simple mistake when they were in college to clear their record through a process called expungement. In most cases, if you had one arrest between the ages of 18 and 21, you can apply to have your charges erased or sealed once you reach 21 as long as you have not made any other mistakes since then.

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