Shaving With A Straight Razor

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Shaving With A Straight Razor

In the 21st century the idea of straight razor shaving often seems a little old fashioned, with many men questioning the need for a straight edge razor when safety razor’s are so easy to get hold of. Using a straight razor can provide you with a feeling of confidence and renewed masculinity that cannot be matcher or offered by the use of a safety razor; over time the cost of straight razor shaving can be cheaper than using safety razor’s as routine purchases are not necessary.

The rise of the safety razor has seen most people move away from using a straight edge, or cut throat razor as the fear of using what is now considered a lethal weapon has overtaken the known benefits. Stories like those of Sweeney Todd and murder mysteries depicting the use of a straight razor as a weapon have hit the image and credibility of the straight razor.

This reputation as dangerous is without foundation in the real world. Of course, a straight razor is more difficult to use, but with a little practice this style of shaving offers no more of a danger than the now more commonly used safety razor. Most people worry about using the straight razor because of its reputation as dangerous without considering the act of shaving should be an art form that takes time to get right. Some regular users of the straight edge razor have reported entering an almost hypnotic state as they use their razor and concentrate on completing a safe, perfect shave.

Another consideration is the high and continually rising cost of shaving in the modern world; the constant innovations associated with safety razors has driven the price up along with the price of shaving cream. Although it is relatively expensive to buy a straight razor the costs after purchase are limited to care products and shaving soap. A small number of items, such as a strip to sharpen the razor before and after each use are required along with oil to stop the steel razor from becoming rusty and blunted. Apart from this the only considerations for purchasing are the users choice of personal care products.

Shaving with a straight razor can also bring with it major benefits for those of us with a conscience about the state of the world; using a straight razor reduces the amount of packaging passed into the garbage system that can be high with disposable safety razors. The main benefit those of us who use a straight razor see is the quality of the shave that is closer and smoother than those achieved with a modern style razor. Loved ones are sure to comment on how good your shave is and how smooth your skin will be.

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