Tankini Swimwear

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Tankini Swimwear

If you are planning a vacation or going to the beach a lot this year, but afraid of showing too much skin a tankini is just right for you. Tankini swimwear is like a bikini but with a full converge top instead of a tube top. Most have the same bottoms as a bikini but others have a skirt or short like bottoms. Tankinis is nice for women who are expecting or have a few extra pounds they would like to hide. Even the average woman would look amazing in a tankini. They cover all of the problem areas an average woman would have, such as tummy areas and or thigh areas.
When shopping for a tankini it is important to remember to find a color that flatters you and your skin tone. For intense if you want to look slimmer in your tankini try buy one that has horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes make your figure much slimmer than vertical stripes would. Another good tip is picking out a color that is slimming to you figure. You don’t want to get a bright yellow tankini if you are trying to blend in. I would recommend getting a neutral color like black or brown.
When asked most woman rather buy tankinis than any other swimsuit. The reason for this is because they feel more confident walking around. Bikinis make the average woman feel close to naked, and most one piece bathing suits make women feel frumpy. Tankinis has become very popular in the last year or two. It is just as common as a bikini in stores today. The age range of women buy tankini swimwear is from 18 to 55.
I myself love to wear a tankini. I just had a son a few months ago and recently had to go to a public pool for a birthday party. I was nervous because I have not gotten my ideal goal weight. I bought a tankini from a big named store I tried it on and loved the way I looked in it. When I went to the pool I didn’t feel ashamed or exposed. It was also perfect for nursing a newborn in.
A big plus to buying tankini swimwear is that it is very cheap. You can buy them online or big named stores. The price ranges from 15 dollars to 40 dollars. Tankinis come in all sizes, so no matter what your body type you are bound to find one. I would recommend it to anyone. Tankinis is the latest fashion this summer.

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