Tips in Choosing the Right Vintage Wedding Gown

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Tips in Choosing the Right Vintage Wedding Gown

Every wedding has a motif. One of which is a vintage wedding ceremony. This is just the best way to celebrate love that transports back to an earlier period of time like centuries ago, as if transporting you to a spectacular setting. The best thing about vintage wedding dresses is their exquisite details and meticulous workmanship crafted to perfection in an effort to make your ceremony unforgettable. Of course, you want that, but you don’t know where to start. So, here are some of the tips on how to find and choose the right vintage wedding gown for you.

When buying a vintage wedding gown, avoid gowns that have stains or demand you to repair it first. The dress should not ruin your wedding, so make sure that the gown you are going to pick is neat and proper. Keep also in mind that vintage fabrics are difficult to match with modern ones, so it is important to plan ahead and design the wedding according to the motif. If there is any repair needed, be prepared to pay for a seamstress at $200 or more.

Since the fabric may be worn out, it is advisable to be wary of the oldest dresses you could find. Avoid those dresses that were made way earlier than 19th century, and take into consideration those gowns tailored during the 20th century. When determining if the fabric is at good condition, try to stretch it, take a careful look, and see any other damages. And then, go back to the basic rule which is figure out your budget before you buy any wedding dress. This can help you avoid being too focused on some dresses that are out of the budget.

Meanwhile, there are a few numbers of shops that sell their vintage wedding gowns. If having a vintage wedding theme is what you really prefer, then you should choose those made between 1940′s and 50′s. The brides can have a better look of the vintage wedding dresses if they will take some time to visit a bridal salon. In this way, the staff can help you decide and provide you a lot of choices possible for the vintage dress you are looking for. There are shops that specialize in tailoring or selling vintage wedding gowns, you may browse online to know these shops and pay a visit to their on-site shop.

If you seek shops that sell vintage wedding gowns made during more recent periods, you can look at some auction shops online. However, be careful when you deal with an online retailer, and this makes it imperative for you to do a little research first before engaging in an online transaction. It is also better to be specific when you order a vintage wedding dress like shapes, measurement, and other detailed descriptions that are necessary before buying it.

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