What to Wear to a Wedding

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What to Wear to a Wedding

Is it just me, or is everyone and their brother getting married this summer?? Seriously though, my high school sweet heart and I are getting married in May and my older brother is marrying his love the weekend just before! I guess my family is contributing 2 parties to the wedding madness that is happening this summer.

Since wedding season is upon us, it is important to know how to dress for such an occasion.

Spring and summer weddings are the best! Ok, maybe I’m bias, but outdoor parties are great. And summer wedding outfits are even better!

This may sound like a vent session, but honestly I just want to educate the world on how to dress at a formal event. Specifically a wedding.

Back when “sunday best” actually existed, people dressed up for church and even better for weddings. Meaning the guests would bring out their most formal attire or choose to buy a new dress just for the wedding. WHY HAS THIS DRESS CODE DISAPPEARED??

Nowadays people treat weddings very casually. NO! Not acceptable.

Weddings are formal events. Dress accordingly. Dresses are preferred for women and slacks and a button up shirt (tie is optional) for men.

I’ve put together a lovely wedding outfit option. (At least I think it is lovely, even thought it doesn’t include gold) This dress is great because it can be worn to a formal event like a wedding or a less formal event like a luncheon with friends. The silver, glitzy accessories make this dress formal enough for a wedding while strapy wedges and a hat would make this dress appropriate for a luncheon.

Dress: Nordstrom  Earrings: Wayfair Shoes: Shop Zoey Clutch:

Dress: Nordstrom
Earrings: Wayfair
Shoes: Shop Zoey
Clutch: absolutelygorgeousboutique.co.uk

I guess what I am trying to say is that weddings are beautiful celebrations and guests need to treat them as such. They way you dress tells other people how much you care about the event you are attending.

Levels of formality vary from wedding to wedding. Generally the formality of the invitation is a good indicator of how formal the event will be which tells you how to dress. There is one rule, that I plead for you to follow. Unless you are attending a cowboy themed wedding, please refrain from wearing denim. Denim skirts don’t count as dressed up just because it is a skirt. Denim is denim. And denim is casual. End of story. Just in case you forget, I made a visual to engrave in your brain : )



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