When you don’t want to do your hair, wear a fun outfit…

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When you don’t want to do your hair, wear a fun outfit…


This has been fun. I am an avid style blog follower and have always wanted to have a blog of my own. This has been a wonderful opportunity to test it out. Be a real blogger for a while. Turns out I thoroughly enjoy it!

This may be my last post. Or at least my last post for a while. We will see where the wind takes me.

Today I didn’t want to deal with my hair. Thus, I chose to wear an outfit that would draw attention to my clothes and away from my messy hair. And the overcast sky makes colors pop better than usual so I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to make my clothes stand out.

I’ll let you decide if my plan succeeded or not.

Also, my choice of Boise State colors was an accident… oops.

maxi skirt www.citysimplefashion.comSandals: Steve Madden (got at Ross) Skirt: TJMaxx, Shirt: Banana Republic, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: TrendyXchange,

Lip color: Mac matte lipstick “Taupe”

maxi skirt www.citysimplefashion.com

confused maxi skirt outfit www.citysimplefashion.com

Today the overcast sky suggested I should cover up, but my heart is longing for spring so I chose a confused maxi skirt and sandals as my personal form of protesting. This skirt is great because it is elegantly long, but the slit and short lining create a flirty element that makes for a great combo.

Maxi skirt www.citysimplefashion.com

Have a beautiful Friday!


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